With Valentines Day behind us and the Big Easter dinner is right around the corner, it might be time to arrange a magical night out with your spouse.  I have had great success in renting a limousine from Springfield Limo Service for a special night out with my wife.  It was a major home run.  It is nice to sit back and have a chauffeur pick you up and drive you to your event, dinner or just drive through the night life in our area.  I made dinner reservations for 7pm and was picked up at 5pm.  We had the time of our lives with the mood setting music and time to just drive around while letting someone else worry about the hustle and bustle of traffic.  So just remember after Easter, Mama probably needs some special attention.

I have noticed that most mothers and wives look at Easter as being chaotic.  That usually correlates with physical and emotional exhaustion. It also may be coupled with a dose of feeling under appreciated, under valued and under loved.  A nap cannot solve emotional exhaustion, but having your husband plan a dream date without the wife doing any of the planning or doing.  Our wives love to be courted and romanced.  Part of that is planning the date that will take her breath away.  To that end , husbands can rely on professionals to make that dream date extremely attainable and simple to pull off.  Have a chauffeur pick you up on time and get to the restaurant that you have never been to, but has great fan fare.  Breaking from the habit of things you do together and make a special occasion means all of the difference.

Too many times we look at the glitz and glamour of a limo, but the real message is not about projecting an image, but rather showing how special you believe your wife to be. Jewelry never gets old. A fine dinner in a new town, in a chauffeured ride is a great response to the post Easter blahs.

When Hillary Clinton states that we have done a great job in securing the border and now we need to move on toward immigration reform.  It just so happens that 30% of the residents in Arizona are Hispanics.  Is this Hillary forgoing securing our nation in order to pander for votes in Arizona?  How can Hillary be taken seriously when she makes statements like that.  When most American’s say they are concerned about the southern border it is the drug gangs, drug cartel, drug transport, and radical Jihadist coming into and threatening the security of the country.

To that end is our border secure?  Instead Hillary Clinton casts this as an immigration issue and more of an issue of re-uniting families.  If we have Universal Healthcare and other elements of a social safety net, then we have to figure out how many people we can actually afford to pay for.  In that we are nineteen trillion in debt, how can we not end the free flow of individuals into the country.  It is not like a motorcade of limousines are coming across the border.  Instead border crossings with light security and tunnels are being used.

Is it wrong to expect Hillary to deal honestly with the challenges on our southern border, or are we to just accept her pandering and endangering our citizens so that her personal aspirations are met.  The bigger issue is that when Hillary lies or distorts the truth and women on the political left are not concerned about this trend.  The end justifying the means mentality is dangerous.  It is easy to attack Trump because he doubles down on stupid.  The problem is that when Hillary says something stupid, the liberal media never even confronts the lie and the liberal left have no problem at all.

I will patiently wait for the FBI to refer The Hillary email to the justice department. then I will wait for the Justice Department to do nothing about it. I will then wait to see the head of the FBI to resign in protest and then wait for mamas on the left to ignore the danger of this women and how little she cares to handle the security of this country.  I am a bit tired of a liberal elitist being run a corporate establishment.  It would be great to get the truth and solve problems that make America safe, secure and prosperous.

Mama Clinton has just completed Super Tuesday and won plenty of states and plenty of delegates.  Mama Clinton has lost a total of five states so far to Bernie Sanders.  This screams to the amount of baggage that she is carrying.  For Clinton to minimize the damage Bernie Sanders is doing right now she has completely co-opted the narrative of a Socialist.  She was a self-proclaimed moderate and then she saw that message did not create any passion or any real grass roots movement.  She had to take Sanders message and make him seem too narrow.  As Hillary has completely swung to the left. She is making racist claims against whites, against Sanders, against Trump, and against the GOP.  This is all done to secure a specific demographic as she starts to get into the southern states.   Hillary has no problem at all spinning a tale to get the black vote and the women’s vote.  It does not matter how divisive it is to the Country as long as she benefits and gets even more power.

Mama Clinton has talked about how she has been in the trenches fighting for everyone for decades.  Trump rightly points out that she has been in the access of power for decades and accomplished nothing.  Other than the fact that we can agree that Hillary Clinton is an extremely bright women.  Most would agree that she is a person that is not intimate with the truth. She knows how to parse words and how not to answer a question.  When she gets cheered by women and democrats for repeating lies and not being honest with the American people, then we as Americans enable this kind of corruption.

I think if Hillary were to win, we would hear the terminology of Clinton Cronyism that would be the same as corporatism with corruption.  I could see under a Hillary Clinton Presidency that the IRS would be tasked with taking mandatory charitable contributions and depositing those funds into the Clinton Foundation Accounts.  The left would say isn’t that great that people are forced to give to such a great charity.  The Clinton Supporters would not be phased or deterred.  If they have not run from Hillary Clinton yet, then there is likely nothing that would occur that could change that in the future.  The IRS would still collect for the Government, but the foundation would only require a ten percent tithe. Roughly 230 billion dollars a year.  After all, Hillary will want at least as much wealth as Putin if she expects Putin to ever respect her.

So the torch bearer for women every where took  major hit in New Hampshire.  How could this be.  To find out the eighty percent of younger women voted for Bernie Sanders.  Bernie Sanders is a seventy four year old Socialist.  What does that say about women in New Hampshire.  For one, you have to be sixty five or older to be able to relate to her.  She is one of ours and she has been working hard for us for years.  The Bernie Sanders and the Republican shed light that Hillary was quite easy to pay off with huge speaking fees and money tied to the Clinton Foundation.  then the Benghazi investigation gave us insight on the fact that she had a private server and distributed classified information on that server.  That is a felony.  The FBI shed light on this being a legal issue by seizing this private server.  Part of the Benghazi hearings meant that we would find additional information from the emails in sections.  The fact that she deleted over 30,000 files that she claimed were personal.  The fact that she had her lawyers look at all  of the emails to determine whether they were personal or classified.  The lawyers do not have clearance to look at classified material. Hillary claims that she did not send classified materials.  However it is the Obama Administration’s State Department that will not release twenty two emails because they are at a level above Top Secret.  So the question is do younger voters just distrust Hillary or are the more likely to be okay with a Socialist as President.  That is something that will play out over time.

What candidate is the best candidate for woman.  it depends if your top priorities are abortion, gay rights and equal pay or whether you are more focused on lighting a fire to the economy of which you can directly benefit, or it could be feeling safe from refugees coming into the country that were ISIS sleeper cells and blowing themselves up at the local school yard or could it be that you see the deficit in a fearful and frightful way and are demanding that we right the ship and stop all of the entitlements.  Every Mama has the right to make those decisions and some of those decision are really hard to make.  The question is do you feel safer with the White House being run by a democrat or a republican.  Your individual values will determine that decision.  Whoever wins the white house should have a plan that actually works.  Bernie Sanders idea of income redistribution where 90% tax rate is not unreasonable allows for a new unprecedented power. Further corruption of the government who will then determine what your priorities are.  You think you have free choice now, that will go away when those in power can ignore you.  Communists and Socialists can make everyone the same.  The problem is that is will make everyone poor.

We also need to hear more details from Donald trump other than great again, unbelievable… We need details behind these mega themes of great and unbelievable.  Because the other mega themes of slights on Mexicans and Muslims are not very appealing.  Details folks, we need details!

By the narrowest of margins Hillary Clinton won the Iowa Caucus.  Hillary lost to Barack Obama in 2008 and it appeared that she had a manageable lead.  With Bernie Sanders being a confessed Socialist, you would think that Hillary would have won easily.  Hillary is the ultimate establishment candidate with all of the credentials one could hope for.  In Iowa, 20 percent of the Democratic Caucus voters were admitted Socialist.  This is by and large a much younger demographic than those that support Hillary Clinton.  That means that 30% of the non-socialist democratic Caucus goers decided to caucus with a Socialist as opposed to Hillary Clinton.  Hillary was quite involved in her husbands candidacy.  That has been well established.  Hillary was the one that wanted Bill to move to the center politically when he was getting slammed in the polls. Hillary was the United States Senator from New York and she was the Secretary of State.  So how can 30% of the Democratic Causcus goers caucus with a Socialist over Hillary Clinton.  We have heard about the anti-establishment anger brewing in both major politcal parties.  But we are talking about 30% non–Socialist Democrat that Caucus on the side of a politcal revolution.

What else caused people to move towards Bernie Sanders?  Could it be that even Democrats do not trust Hillary.  Perhaps a number of them went to see 13 Hours and realized how inadequate our response was to Benghazi?  Could it be that they see her lie and take it as indeed she is as skilled as her husband at this craft of deception.  Is it because it is not only Fox, but other news outlest that are reporting that Hillary did not volunteer her server, but the FBI demanded it?  Is that they see that her claims of not putting classified emails on a personal server was a lie?  That the Obama State Department will not release 22 of those emails because they are a level above Top Secret.  That this lack of protocol put both processes and people in the field at risk?  Is is because she claims that is all a conspiracy when the facts are being reported accurately.  The only question is whether Loretta Lynch calls for an indictment should the FBI refer for criminal charges.  I understand the concept of a Pardon, but not to even indict.  That would clearly say that Obama does not care about the law, just the end result.  Hillary also stated that she thought it would be a great idea for Obama to serve on the Supreme Court.  Well that certainly is win/win for Obama and Hillary, but the country is diminished.  That means that in Politics that some are too big to fail.  The golden parachutes are acceptable.  Isn’t there a moral equivalence to the outrage of the corporate golden parachutes that make everyone scratch their head.

When I look at the Democratic field it looks like you have one sharp guy and two old clunkers.  If Hillary and Bernie breakdown, my friend at AST Towing can pick them up with their specialized towing service and take them where they need to go.  With long distance towing capabilities, that can include a trip to Vermont and one to Goldman Sachs for a quick cash infusion.

Is Hillary too big too fail? Is Obama too big too fail?  It appears as though General Petraeus is not too big and gets punished while we wait to see if justice is served on Hillary.  So the big news is that Hillary has supporters that will line up behind her regardless of what facts come out.  The excuses are ridiculous, but still the supporters stand behind her.  It is like Donald Trump saying he could go in the middle of the street and shoot someone and he would not lose one voter.  That is exactly what the supporters that are behind the Clintons seem like?. is it that too many people have invested too much in the movement that they do not care about personal conduct as long as they get what they want.

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The Presidency of the United States is the biggest contest in the world.  We happen to have a woman running for that office.  Is it imperative that woman vote to put a woman in the White House? I would say yes, if you believe her.  I am finding that Hillary is a living contradiction.  She is beyond competent on one hand and she seems to know nothing on the other hand.  I listen to answer questions and the skill of not answering question is quite impressive if that is what we want in a President.  Hillary has experience as a First Lady, when her husband Bill was the President.  From all accounts she was very involved.  She tried to champion the predecessor of Obama Care back in 1994.  The problem is that she did in private with lobbyist.  Hillary was never really transparent.

Remember back when Hillary had FBI files of republicans in her possession.  Just good reference material for when you need to play dirty I guess.  Scandals just pile up one after another.  The biggest question is how will she be a champion for equality when she and Bill have made sure that they champion themselves first.  There are 150 FBI agents investigating Hillary’s email right now.  This is not just about Benghazi, this is about taking classified information out of a secure environment into an un-secure environment.  One might say that she did not know.  Wow, she is the Secretary of State.  If she is not able to make that kind of judgment call, then how could she possible be our top diplomat.  The CIA is hacked everyday.

Hillary also gave her emails to her lawyers to vet what was work and what was personal emails.  Does anyone ask whether these lawyers have the security clearance to vet these files.  We know that they do not.  Do we ask about the company that was providing security on the server.  This is a private company that does not have security clearance to handle classified information.  Hillary in the town hall still acted like this was just an issue of convenience.  She still would not say she did anything wrong.  Putting classified information at risk and the person running for the President of the United States said that she did nothing wrong.

The big question is why did she really want to keep information on a personal server.  The troubling answer could be that because of the link with the Clinton Foundation and donors having their interest coming in front of the State Department for approval.  That is why so many FBI agents are now looking at these emails.

What about the great champion for women’s rights.  Saudia Arabia is one of the most oppressive regimes for woman.  Saudi Arabia donates to the Clinton Foundation.  Hillary never addresses woman’s rights as it relates to Saudi Arabia because she got bought.  It king of looks a bit like Jessie Jackson or Al Sharpton.  Hillary Bragged that in 1994 she went to Beijing to make a statement about women’s rights.  She did indeed do this.  My only logical conclusion is that China did not pay her directly as did Saudi Arabia.  That was a personal decision.  Never mind that China was handling our national debt.  Another example of what benefits Hillary comes in front of what benefits everyone else.

I just wonder with all of the fights that she has been involved with.  Did she need to get paid before she showed up.  Hillary does not really takes shots at Wall Street like Bernie Sanders does.  Perhaps that is because she makes $200,000 a speech for Goldman Sachs.

Like I said if you believe her and many do, then you should vote for her.  If you do not, then it makes sense to find someone else.

I was sitting in my small group with my wife and we had just completed the book Radical by David Platt.  At the end of the book it has a radical challenge.  The book looks like it was designed to wake up a luke warm church.  The luke warm church looks very similar to those who do not go to church. So the book of Radical was written to give examples how to live with a whole-heart for Jesus. So that leads me to the list of five things that we were looking to commit to over the next year.  The first thing was to pray for the entire world.  To prayer for each country.  He provided tools where you could find the religious make-up of each country and specific areas that could and should be lifted up in prayer.

The second piece was to read the Bible cover to cover over the next year.  I have done that before and I know it is an extremely big commitment in itself, one because I am not a very fast reader and grinding through the Old Testament with bizillion names and towns and lineage of who begot who that in turn begot who.   With just the first two so far I am feeling like this will take a major commitment.  Did I want to commit.

Then we got to the third item which was to sacrifice my money for a specific purpose.  It told about capping your life style for a year and taking those savings and giving it to specific purpose.  This could be sponsoring a child, helping a widow financially or someone in the community that had fallen on hard times.  The key was to make sacrifice and to save and give with a specific purpose.   I think most people could relate to us being tight on money for something else, but we could always find money if it was something that we really wanted to do.  So stewardship and putting off upgrades and new when you can address primary needs and not wants.  If some of those needs could be postponed for a year.  the key is to set the discipline and then give.

The fourth item was to GO.  Not just give your money, but to walk alongside someone out of your normal  context. Whether that is going to the City Mission and serving the poor on a regular basis or taking a mission trip to Africa, latin America or South America.  The key was that brother and sisters in the Lord need to be wiling to alongside brothers and sister in Christ, not just send money.  They call is for workers to go into the field.

The fifth item was to multiple in your church.  that s to both get trained and train others that are newer or not as mature in the faith.

I am thinking can I do this. Can I make this bold radical change.  I then looked at my wife to get a sense of where she was.  The answer was so honest.  It is a mother and wife response that was NO.  I cannot add one more thing to my schedule.  I am serving needy kids in my profession and I labor as a servant of the Lord in the Schools.  I am involved with Youth Mission trips, Vacation Bible study and small groups.  I run 100 miles an hour from the time I wake up at 5:30am to 10pm when I go to bed.  I go to bed exhausted still not getting done everything that I needed to get done.  I had to validate everything that she just said, because it was all 100% accurate.  That showed me the difference in the Dad optimism like we can pull this off and I am thinking, boy I need to lighten the load for my wife so she can consider attacking some of these radical approaches.


This is a shout out to the Moms that are holding itall together and wanting to give more, but not know where to turn.  I would say good job and well done. Your rewards will be great.  Keep walking the walking and looking uo for help and guidance and maybe your husbands will come along a lighten the load with you.